Artifical Insemination

We offer a range of services with respect to breeding and artifical insemination (AI).

One of our highly experienced nurses can collect a fresh sample from the sire and assess the quality of the semen under a microscope. Qualities that are assessed include the following:

  • Quantity of semen
  • Concentration and appearance of semen
  • Motility of sperm
  • Morphology (shape and appearance) of sperm

An on-the-spot artificial insemination using fresh semen can then be performed on the female dog. Sometimes this takes place only once, and sometimes needs to be repeated every 24 hours for 1-2 days.

We also perform surgical inseminations using frozen semen - this involves directly depositing the semen into the uterine horns via an abdominal incision whilst the bitch is under general anaesthetic. We perform the surgical procedure working closely alongside Dr Annette Page from Artifical Breeding Services.

We recommend progesterone testing prior to mating for best results, whether it is natural or via AI.