Progesterone Testing

We have a state-of-the-art Mini Vidas progesterone machine in-house, which can perform on-the-spot progesterone tests with results within 1 hour. All we need is to collect 1mL of your dog's blood - performed stress-free by our experienced nurses and vets.

Progesterone levels give the best indication of ovulation timing, and when would be the best time to mate or perform artificial insemination for optimum conception results. 

A typical bitch should have her first progesterone test around day 7-9 of her season/heat. We recommend the best natural or artificial mating time to be around 36 hours after ovulation - this equates to progesterone between 25-45nmol/L.

Progesterone levels are also used leading up to birth to determine the optimum time for when the mother is due to whelp, or when a caesarean section should be performed - usually a progesterone level of 10nmol/L or less.