Our hospital is fully equipped with an ultrasound scanner to assist evaluation of your pet’s condition if required.  Most commonly, our vets will perform pregnancy ultrasound scans - to confirm whether or not your pet is pregnant (usually 4 weeks after mating), to assess foetuses during pregnancy (including counting their heart rates), and for approximate counting of foetuses.

What is an ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound scanning is a painless procedure that uses high frequency sound waves (inaudible to humans) to produce images of structures within the body. When sound waves are directed into the body, some are absorbed by body tissues and others bounce back. The sound waves that bounce back are measured by the ultrasound machine and are transformed into an image on a screen. The images can be printed or recorded. Extensive training is required in order to correctly use this equipment and interpret these images.

Ultrasound scans are most useful for looking at soft or fluid-filled organs; like the liver, kidney, bladder and heart. It is less effective for examining bones or air-filled organs like the lungs.

What happens to my pet when it is booked in for an ultrasound scan?

Pregnancy ultrasound scans can be conducted during the consultation, and you are welcome to stay and watch the procedure.

Your pet's abdomen will be shaved to allow for good contact of the ultrasound probe.  No pain is felt during an ultrasound exam, however, discomfort from pressure, or lying down on their back, may be experienced. During the scan a water-soluble gel is applied over the clipped area to be examined and a transducer (probe) is placed on the skin.

Kantenna Park Veterinary Clinic works together with an external ultrasound specialist who is available for scheduled visits to our clinic.